1. In 2006, the state mandated that public schools start after Labor Day in an effort to help the struggling tourism industry. The tourism industry has since recovered. I have introduced legislation to allow local school districts and parents to decide for themselves when to start the school year. Do you support allowing schools and parents to decide when to start the school year?

Yes, let school districts and parents decideNo, tourism still needs the helpUndecided

2. The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” signed into law by the president in December changed the federal tax code. One unintended consequence may be the inadvertent elimination of the personal exemption for taxpayers that file city taxes in one of Michigan’s 22 cities that levy a city tax. There is some dispute over this. I have introduced legislation that explicitly preserves existing exemptions for individuals that pay city income tax. Do you support my legislation?

Yes, I support explicitly protecting Michigan taxpayersNo, the federal government’s assurance Michigan taxpayers would not be harmed is enoughUndecided

3. The legislature is discussing forgiving some or all of the debt facing 348,000 Michigan drivers who owe the state “responsibility fees” for certain traffic infractions. These fees have been criticized for disproportionately hurting the poor. Do you support some form of debt forgiveness?

Yes, forgive the debtNo, do not forgive the debtUndecided

4. Michigan requires workers on state-financed government construction projects to be paid a “prevailing wage” that is based on local union contracts. Supporters say this guarantees a good wage for workers. Opponents say it makes taxpayer-funded projects more expensive than they should be. Do you support or oppose repealing “prevailing wage”?

Yes, repeal prevailing wageNo, keep prevailing wageUndecided

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